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Are you going to GO???
Greetings from HackerSpace PESU ECC! ✨✨

You guessed it right! We are back with an exciting workshop, this time on Golang, a language whose development is supported by Google and is syntactically similar to C.

Date: 7th October
Time: 3:30PM-5:30PM
Venue: Seminar hall

Why learn Go?🤔

✅ Golang is the fastest growing language in terms of popularity
✅ Go is the language of choice for building enterprise-grade backend services, used by companies such as Google, Visa, Uber, Twitch, DropBox, and Soundcloud
✅ Google uses Go A LOT! So, in case you’re eyeing the jobs there…👀
✅ Amazing concurrency, It is just brilliant! Don’t take our word for it, see for yourselves and register😌
✅ Go is a great place to finally start learning coding

Need more reasons?
Other than the fact that it’s beginner friendly and has NO entry fee and you’ll be provided with extensive mentor support.

In this workshop, we’ll be walking through the basics of Golang and its concurrency features. This will enable you to start writing your own programs by the end of this workshop!

This is your chance to get a huge head-start over your peers and classmates 🤫

Get, set, go GOLANG😆
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