Do you want to build a website for yourself?

On occasion of Engineer’s day, HackerSpace PESU-ECC is back with an interactive workshop on web development using Eleventy, a static site generator used by Google, CERN, and many others! ✨

Date: 16th September, 2022
Venue: Seminar Hall

Why should you join it?
👉 Beginner friendly
👉 Covers a wide range of topics throughout the workshop, including Eleventy, HTML+CSS, and Netlify
👉 Create your own website by the end of it!
👉 Don’t miss the chance to flex the awesome technical skills you’ll acquire!
👉 If you’re in the 1st sem, gives a headstart on web development.
👉 No entry fee!
👉 Mentors will be present in case of any difficulty.

Click here for the pre-requisities!

Is it for you?
Ofcourse! Students from all years are welcome to join in and learn more, and make their own website!

Don’t forget to register! Click here.

For any further questions contact: Anirudh Rowjee, +91 9980029716